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February 12, 2019 3 min read

Our skin has gone through many stages, which depreciate itself slowly and steadily. Though the 21st century provides the solution to slow down the process of depreciation of our skin. It is also the bitter reality that these solutions come with the plenty of side effect including the skin irritation and hyperpigmentation. Not only this, sometimes the side effect reverse the effect of the treatment, and it gets worse. With the help of many expert dermatologists, the skin roller system has arrived in the market. This thing is all unique and clinically proven.

On Other Side Of The Coin Is Skin Roller System

On the other side of the coin, science has discovered the great tools to have a solution to the problem above while decreasing the side effect. The derma roller or microneedle roller is one of those tools. With precise science research on the skinning process of having problems and how the skin repairing system works, the derma roller has been invented. Derma roller is similar to the safety on which the tiny needles are placed on the head. The needles are attached with the serum to glide on the skin structure. Skin roller system is designed under care full manner and reliable process. This thing is all tested and clinically proven to solve your skin issues.

Skin roller system

When you see this bizarre thing, you might get the creepy feeling to imagine how you have to go through the process of feeling the pain of hundreds of needles on your face. However, it is not the case. The skin roller system depends on the derma roller. Therefore, derma roller is designed in a way, in which its head rolls on the face to puncture the skin to cause small injuries. As our skin system works, in which the substance called collagen can remove injured old skin and replace it with the fresh new skin. This professional and Dermatologist microneedling is clinically proven to and tested to not make any harmful effect on your skin.

Roller A Miracle Worker

In this way, if the old skin has the problems like acne marks, dark spots, aging lines, puffiness, sagginess or any other skin problem, it will simultaneously be healed by the process of skin roller system. In this way, the derma roller is a miracle worker in which skin can have new skin while cheating the system of our physic. The Microneedling serum is the collection of natural vitamins for your skin structure.

New Invention In Derma Roller

Another amazing thing about the skin roller system is its capability to use at home. You can roll derma roller on your skin with simple training and use this Microneedling at home. However, you should take some precautions like applying the alcohol on the needles before and after the process of micro needling to avoid any infections. Moreover, it is also recommended to use one derma roller by a single person to avoid spreading germs. Additionally, many dermatologists also recommend using the face serum, which has the ingredient like collagen to enhance the process. It is also recommended to apply the mild lotion or oil prevent redness after the process. But all of these things are connected in this new Skin roller system.

Cost Effective Device

Skin roller system is quite effective, affordable and safer to use. Unlike other cosmetic treatment to prevent skin problem, it can be processed at home. Furthermore, you can find any quality derma roller or derma roller kit under the competitive price only at MESOLYFT. This platform is the collection of tested and certified products all approved from FDA department. In other words, it is cost effective. It is the most excellent quality is its time saving because the process of skin-repairing of these superficial injuries is magically fast. Sometimes, you will see a clear change in your skin after the first session. So make a quick decision to save your money and time to follow the safe and secure process to make your beautiful skin fresh in minutes.

Aleksandr Banar
Aleksandr Banar