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February 12, 2019 3 min read

With time, the cosmetic industry has spread its feathers, and the vast knowledge of skin care and concern about it led it to the bundle of new cosmetic products. One of them is called face needle roller or derma roller. This kind of face roller is famous for naturally treating any skin issue. It usually looks like a shaving razor, but instead of blades, plenty of small needles are presented on the head of face needle roller. This kind of roller is best for those who want to treat their skin problem at home like professional dermatologists do. Besides, it is also a cheaper way to treat your skin problems.

Face Needle Roller Designed By Certified Doctors

Face needle roller is best for preventing the aging sign from your face. Your face will look younger and tight with the use of derma roller. Besides, other problems like uneven skin tone and acne problems can be cured by this treatment. Also, the problems like the dark circle around your eyes can become curable via this treatment. In other words, this is your small Microneedling at home. Additionally, it is super easy to use and saves you a bunch of dollars to get the treatment from the professional. The face is an important part of your body you need some professional and Dermatologist microneedling. The device which is designed under certified doctors and licensed dermatologists this device has been invented to take over the unknown chemicals and creams.

Face needle roller

The new device of derma roller is enhanced with some new and unique features. The derma roller is now been attached with all necessary vitamins for the skin. The simple and easy method to use the face needle roller is to apply some pressure and start gliding on the skin structure. Apply the serum on your skin to increase the effectiveness of the process. Roll it gently on your skin and rinse with warm water.

How Does Face Needle Roller Work?

The most amazing thing about Face needle roller is the small background story behind the process of how this even works? Normally, the image of lots of needles on your face can give you a creep. However, it is also true that our skin contains a substance called collagen. This kind of substance is necessary to heal the skin while it is injured. Through the natural process, the skin is started to heal, and the fresh skin starts to appear on the skin, after the applying of face needle roller. This kind of roller causes a superficial injury on your face skin by puncturing it with the tiny needles. And then the Needle face roller attached with the serum do rest of the work to rejuvenate the skin. The skin’s natural system comes into the process, and you cheat your skin to have a fresh and rejuvenated skin. Overall, this whole process can take 5 days or a week to compete but you can see the change after the first session with the improved face needle roller.

Choose Appropriate Roller

You should choose the quality Face needle roller despite the price of the item. The size of the needle is necessary to consider because the thick needles can cause injury or bleeding. The dermatologists suggest the roller with the thin size of needles. Besides the needle’s size, choosing the right serum is also necessary. The serum should have ingredients such as stem cells, hyaluronic, peptides, and vitamins. These are ingredients, which help your skin to rejuvenate and improve the process of skin healing during the process are all included in the new Microneedling serum. The MESOLYFT is the brand giving you the opportunity to follow up the reliable platform with a unique and cost-effective device.


Aleksandr Banar
Aleksandr Banar