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MesoLyft Rejuvenating Mask

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MesoLyft Rejuvenating Mask with infrared technology is the only mask that helps soothe “maskne” from wearing other masks over a long period of time. If the skin on your lower face is red, itchy, peeling or just looks tired, refresh and revive it in just 15 minutes a day. Over time, gentle infrared heat has been shown to cosmetically improve skin texture, tightness, color, and tone.

You can rejuvenate your skin while working, driving or watching TV. Crafted from soft and durable sheepskin, our MesoLyft Rejuvenating Mask heats up in just 30 seconds and automatically turns off after 15 minutes, making it an easy-to-use solution to skin that looks rough, red, dull, or dry.

What It Does
MesoLyft Rejuvenating Mask improves the appearance of your skin on the lower face, prevents aging, decreases inflammatory and oxidative processes, increases the metabolism of the cells.

Directions: Fully charge the power bank before use. 

  • Step one: Plug in the non-USB side of the cord that came with your power bank into the power bank. 
  • Step two: Plug the USB side of the same cord into your computer or wall charger adapter. If you use the wall charger adapter, plug that into the wall next. 

CONNECT POWER BANK TO MASK: Connect the power bank by plugging the USB end of the magnetic cable into the power bank and the magnetic end to the metal receptor on top of the mask.   

TO TURN ON: Press the power button on the power bank the mask will heat up in 30 seconds. 

TO TURN OFF: Power will turn off automatically after 15-minute treatment. Disconnect magnet from mask and wire from power bank while not in use.  

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    United States United States

    Healed Acne so Quick

    I started using this mask around March this past year and by May/June my skin had cleared up SO MUCH. I had previously been on a prescription medication for acne and stopped it when I started using this mask because I noticed way more of an improvement just within a week of using it. It helped the scarring from it heal a lot quicker also. Would definitely recommend to anyone struggling with acne and scarring!

    MesoLyft Skincare MesoLyft Rejuvenating Mask ReviewMesoLyft Skincare MesoLyft Rejuvenating Mask Review
    Kerrin S.
    United States United States

    A Life-changing Essential

    After nearly 10 years of a painful skin journey, I can honestly say that the MesoLyft Rejuvenating Mask is the #1 thing to have made a difference: from fading deep cystic scars with in a week, to brightening the healthy patches of my skin, the quality of my skin is completely different now having used the Mask. I'm no longer living in fear of a breakout: even when a cystic blemish pops up, I know that 2 nights of using the mask will immediately calm and start to heal the blemish, rather than a painful two weeks of a scar-destined natural course! I could go on forever, but will leave it at this: the Mask is an absolutely essential, no matter how healthy or plagued your skin is. It will make what's good better, or help you heal the skin that's been giving you trouble. I am so grateful to have this product in my rotation!