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August 16, 2018 3 min read

micro-needling is the new favourite thing in town for having the Best anti-ageing skincaretreatment and for good reasons, their skin products enhance the production of elastin and collagen to give you a better-looking skin on all levels. Whether you want to do it at home or you go to see a professional dermatologist to do the job the results of MESOLYFT skin care products are beyond expectations. Some people are of the view that micro needling is a painful procedure but that is a complete misconception and its time that we set the records straight. Micro-needling may not be painless but it's not unbearable either, micro needling does create a controlled injury in the skin to stimulate the production of elastin and collagen but it makes microscopic holes that are mostly not visible to naked eye. The extent and depth of the needle that is to be used to make holes in the skin depend mainly on the skin and the mode of operations the skin requires and if required doctors give anaesthesia to their patients so it's virtually painless for the patient. micro-needling reduces wrinkles and dark spots fill out any uneven skin areas and that is why it’s considered one of the Best anti-ageing skincaremethods and recommended by many dermatologists.

Is microneedle effective skincare?

MESOLYFT micro-needling is considered to be the Best anti aging skincarethat works on a cellular level, their devices are minimally invasive and are known to be effective in producing the Best anti aging skincare results in the market. The epidermis is the top layer of the skin and the microneedle pen punctures the uppermost layer and removes it from the skin along with the dead skin cells that give the opportunity to the young skin cells and muscles to come on the surface and absorb vitamins and minerals to get themselves energized and that gives you and brighter, fresher and glowing skin. This encourages cell regeneration from the increased production of elastin and collagen. The MESOLYFT microneedle derma pen of MESOLYFT is known to be the best in the market for these purposes. While using a derma pen one has to be aware of the different areas of the skin and the densities that those different areas hold the thicker the area the deeper the needle has to puncture the skin.

Best anti aging skin care

The average time that the skin requires to completely heal its wounds after micro needling is from 24 to 48 hours. There are no real side effects of using MESOLYFT micro needling derma pen, this is a non-surgical process but certain precautionary measures are required such as preventing the use of warm water for bathing purposes as well as avoid from doing makeup before the treatment and after the treatment until the healing is complete that only take about a day so that you don’t get any allergies or infections.

What happens during a micro-needling treatment?

Basically, a MESOLYFT derma pen creates micro holes in the skin using needles to stimulate the production of elastin and collagen. Stainless steel or titanium are the most effective when it comes to micro needling. Elastin and collagen are naturally produced in the body and they hold the muscles and cells together every year their production reduces by 1% and that’s how our skin starts to loosen up and gradually your skin starts to linger and you start to look old what micro needling does is it stops the reduction of elastin and collagen and it slows down the skin loosening process that’s why its considered to be the  Best anti aging skincare  today resulting in improved skin texture and firmness, MESOLYFT micro needling targets fine lines and facial scars. It also helps to reduce pore size and pigmentation. It reduces signs of ageing making you feel more confident and attain a high sense of self-esteem. We at MESOLYFT are fully alive to your needs and our fruity serums are one of the best in the market. Face needle roller of MESOLYFT is an all natural non-surgical method that is considered to be the  Best anti aging skincare technique in the market know for slowing the process of discolouration and age spots.

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