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November 09, 2018 3 min read

Skin needling is also known as Derma rolling and Collagen Induction Therapy. The creams are being used for the betterment of skin structure. But here you are going to learn about some new facts about the European technique with organic serum. It simply involves the use of manually applied skin needle roller that has around 200 fine surgical needles, needles are mostly made of steel, and attached to the roller. And these needles applied directly to the skin in traverse motion with the help of roller. The main objective of skin needle roller is to stimulate the skin tissues like collagen and elastic and smoothen the skin by reducing the stretch marks through the natural wound process.

Using Techniques For New Organic Skin Needle Roller

Many people worried about their wrinkly skin, so the process of Skin needle roller is used to reduce the stretch marks of the skin and made your skin more smoothen. And this process is done by organically with the natural extraction of Microneedling serum. The serum acts so effectively in healing the wrinkles instantly. The new technique is now going viral in days. So if you are really looking for some prominent device to take care of your skin layers than this new and clinically tested device is for you.

Skin needle roller

This Roller contains a wheel which is full of steel tiny needles. When you move this wheel in crisscross motion on your skin then little holes created on your facial skin which is known as “Micro Channels”. These tiny needles act like a bunch of injuries on your skin which moves your skin into healing mode and stimulate collagen and elastin production. The Skin needle roller stimulates your skin and the organic serum acts so effectively on your skin layers in the production of collagen and elastin. This process improves your skin appearance.

The Procedure For Using Skin Roller

First, a dermatologist applied a desensitizing cream to your skin then he/she will gently roll a derma roller over the surface of your skin in a few different directions or a derma pen to your facial skin areas to create the tiny holes in the skin’s surface. This process takes 20 to 30 minutes and the skin needle roller offering by MESOLYFT is accurately designed for your specific skin structures to improve the appearance. After this, you feel some redness on your skin up to a couple of days and then your skin starts to glow. To get perfect results you will need more than one treatment to continually build collagen and elastin and that you can apply on a daily basis because the face needle roller is useful for at home as well.

The Usage Process

Do not use a dermal roller without cleaning it because a dirty roller can introduce bacteria to your skin and causes for infection. So always clean your Skin needle roller with hydrogen peroxide and soaking it for 20 minutes before and after your treatment. Do not use boiled water to clean your roller because your roller is made of Plastic and this hot water can damage your device. And do not use a spray bottle because it will not clean your device effectively.

Clean Your Skin

Always clean your skin by an antimicrobial cleanser, this will remove dust particles, oil, and impurities which can cause infection by entering your skin because during the Treatment this Skin Needle Roller produces hundreds of microchannels in your skin

Do Not Use Roller More Than 1 Time In A Day

Access use of skin needle roller per day can increase irritation, redness and it can also slow down recovery time. So, you should avoid access use of this roller because there is a risk of getting infections and ugly needle marks.

When To Use Your Skin Needle Roller

 You can use this as per your requirements but do not use it daily or more than 1 times a day. The proper time is to use it a few times a week, but you can get good results by using it once a day. Make it habit of rolling the skin needle roller with the right serum. There are many platforms offering the roller mechanism. But you should choose the right device in order to get the right result MESOLYFT is the right brand for you. It really depends on you how you are comfortable with it and what kind of skin issues you are facing. So don’t be lazy in ordering the right equipment from the store.

Aleksandr Banar
Aleksandr Banar