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April 26, 2019 3 min read

So while talking about different beauty products many beauty treatments like surgeries are also in trend right now. But are those skin surgeries are safe enough for your skin? No surgery has a 100% guaranteed result. But now a way of treating your skin issues has been introduced in the market. Professional micro needling machine is the solution. Women want to look beautiful. Wrinkles, scars, and spots can affect their beauty. Women go through different surgeries just to make their skin look younger and flawless. But sometimes the results of such surgeries are not what you have expected. Different beauty products which can clear all the wrinkles and dark spots from your face consists of very hard and harmful chemicals which can even your skin layer. Microneedling is the only safest way of dealing with your skin problems.

Professional Micro Needling Machine And Get Rid Of Wrinkles

You just have to roll this professional micro needling machine on the area where you want to use it. This machine is like a roller which consists of microneedles. The microneedles will start pricking on the outer surface of your skin. It will make small holes. The rich collagen element in your skin will heal those small holes. Maybe redness or swelling takes place right after rolling the microneedling serum attached to a roller on your skin. But this reaction will be temporary. It will settle down in a few hours.

 Professional micro needling machine

This new professional derma roller is available after so many tests and then it is approved for selling, The new technique of natural serum attached with this professional micro needling machine is defeating the results of creams and lotions to make wrinkles go away in minutes. The things are true that this is now been called an instant wrinkle remover cream.

You Can Get This

It is the most natural way of dealing with your skin issues. Well, following are the benefits of a skin professional micro needling machine:

  1. It has no side effects
  2. It will make your skin flawless and spotless
  3. It will clear all the wrinkles and crows feet around your eyes
  4. The moisture level of your skin will get normal as well as the melanin production
  5. It will brighten up your complexion
  6. It consists of a serum which will make the microneedling process smoother

Serum And Inside

The serum is made up of natural and healthy ingredients. Following are those ingredients:

Kojic acid: It will improve the melanin production.

Jojoba: It will improve the moisture % of your skin.

Dermawhite (extracts from Papaya, Guava, and Saxifrage): This healthy ingredient will brighten up your complexion.

Meadowfoam Oil: It will keep your skin hydrated.

Papaya Extract: This papaya extract will promote a healthy complexion.

Use The Microneedling Machine?

It is quite easy and simple to use the microneedling pen on your skin. Simply, follow the following steps:

You can roll the microneedling roller on your face, neck, and hands

  1. Use it on a daily basis
  2. Try to use it at night
  3. Use it for weeks for more visible results
  4. After getting your required results, you can continue using it

Results In Minutes 

MESOLYFT has this latest professional micro needling machine which also consists of serum. We have discussed the benefits of using a microneedling treatment on your skin. Even after using it on your skin you will feel the change in your skin. It will clear all the spots and wrinkles from your skin naturally without harming your skin in minutes.

Andy Grey
Andy Grey