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December 31, 2020 3 min read

Skin issues like acne, scars, or stretch marks is a term that you might have heard most of the time when it comes to pregnant women or women who just gave birth. But the shocking part here is that even men can get them as they are just an act of our skin. So what exactly are these veins like abrupt lines? Stretch lines appear when our skin is stretched obviously and then relaxed. In acne scars they may get due to some wound, in this process, two of our skin’s agents that look after the skin’s elasticity are disturbed, they are named collagen and elastin. You can have a pregnant woman’s belly in your mind, you see how the skin is stretched, and then relaxed, this is why these marks appear on their lower belly. But micro needling for acne scars is the finest solution to these skin issues. This roller machine is not like an old derma roller. Let us guide you about this sensational technique and the ingredients in the device.

Micro Needling For Acne Scars Clear With The Serum 

It’s not just about the belly, stretch marks, acne, scars, or wrinkles can appear anywhere. Imagine someone losing weight, their stretched skin would lose the fat and relax, this will also causeskin issues. Are you training hard in the gym? The constant relation of stretch and relaxation will also aid in the appearance of these marks. All bodies and marks are beautiful but we won’t lie, stretch marks, wrinkles, acne scars don’t exactly look pretty.So under the great consideration of top dermatologists, this micro needling for acne scars is developed. This new technique is clinically checked several times. This device is attached to the bottle of natural vitamins. Yes, the new organic serum is attached to this microneedling for acne scars.

micro needling for acne scars

What can you do to get rid of them? Trust us, there will be a dozen remedies that people would have ready for you such as applying this and that oil and cream. But do you think that an issue inside the layers of your skin can be fixed by outer treatments? We don't think so, don’t worry,this micro needling for acne scars is a magical treatment for you. This would not only take care of stretch marks butmany other issues that come aroundthe skin.


Microneedling serum is a magical device byMESOLYFT which is truly a beautiful gift sent from heaven. But why? You see, the device is based on the ancient technique of micro-needling, this is when sharp and painless needles are pricked on the skin, don’t worry, the needles are tiny and many, they don’t hurt, they just tickle. This micro needling for acne scars tricks your skin to produce more collagen, this way your skin tightens up naturally. To aid this process, a serum comes along the derma roller which is released with every roll on your affected area. But what does this serum contain? Don’t break a sweat, we will tell you all about these magical ingredients.

  • Meadowfoam oil.This natural ingredient is well known to revive and lock-in moisture into your skin, making sure that the needles don’t irritate them.
  • Papaya extract.This makes sure that your skin is exfoliated from the inside, leaving it with a radiant glow.
  • Derma white.Replaces the need for melanin by 90% similarity to it. 
  • Kojic acid.Known to lighten your skin tone by washing off impurities.
  • Jojoba.Wonder component for your skin improves moisture naturally.

Don’t Miss The Device

So you see, only the best natural ingredients are used in this micro needling for acne scars. So what are you waiting for? Order your micro needling for acne scars now before it’s sold out on this New Year Eve.

Andy Grey
Andy Grey