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August 27, 2019 4 min read

Beauty is taking over the world. Everyone wants to look good and people who are already good looking are searching for ways to enhance their beauty level. Many beauty treatments have been introduced in the cosmetics industry like plastic surgeries and Botox treatment. First, let's just have a little talk about the plastic surgery that how it can make you look glorifying but if the surgery goes wrong then how you will have to suffer from the after-effects of the surgery your whole life. Botox is the new way of lifting your eyebrows a little bit or enhancing the volume of your lips. If the right amount of fluid in Botox isn’t injected into your skin then it will make you look so horrible. Not all type of skins is able to go well with these types of beauty treatments. Another beauty treatment has been introduced which is safe and secure enough for every skin type. The name of that treatment is microneedling pen.

Microneedling Pen The Best Skin Optimizer

The process is quite simple. Microneedling pen is the process of pricking microneedles into the outer layer of your skin. The pricking of microneedles will make really tiny holes on your skin. The microneedles will clear the underlying dead skin layers. Those skin layers make your skin look dead and dull. The reason that the aging signs start appearing on your face at an early age. The microneedles will heal those dead layers. There are no side effects of microneedling serum. It suits every skin type. Maybe a little bit of redness or swelling takes place on your skin due to the needles pricking and micro holes. But those holes will heal within a few hours by the rich collagen present in your skin. Microneedling pen will make your skin glow and it will bring the youth of your skin.

 Microneedling pen

This professional micro needling machine is the same but it can be performed on different parts of your body like your facial features eyes, lips, skin, neck, hands, chest, etc. The process remains the same but the results will be different o different body parts. But the point which is important here is that this beauty process won’t affect the body part on which you are going to get this treatment done. So, let’s have look at microneedling pen on different areas of your body and it results plus how this phenomenon works on that specific body part:

Microneedling On Eyes

Eyes are the most sensitive part of your body. The eyelids are the thinnest layered skin of your body. If you try something on your faces while covering your eyes area can affect your eyes and its skin which is quite dangerous. Microneedling pen is one of the most secure ways of treating the skin of your eyes. If you want to make your eyes look more attractive so the makeup will sit better on them then you must go for this new eyelid cream. Here are the changes which you will feel right after getting this beauty regimen.

  1. The crow’s feet will start disappearing around your eyes
  2. The texture of the eyelids will improve
  3. Makeup will sit better on your eyes
  4. A little bit of lift up in the eyebrows without getting any Botox treatment or any plastic surgery
  5. Microneedling will relax the fine lines around your eyes. 

Neck Treatment

The fines lines around your neck can make you feel embarrassed in public but how? Have you thought about making a bun of your hair and let the people see your narrow neck but if people watch the fines lines and wrinkles on your neck how you will feel? Well, this can destroy your whole party look. But this neck skin treatment works on the following points on your neck:

  1. The fines lines will start disappearing
  2. Wrinkles will vanish like they were never there before
  3. The tone and texture of your neck will improve and it will decolletage as well

Lips Enhancement Treatment

Enhancing the volume of lips is quite trendy nowadays. An alternative to Botox is this dermarolling lips. It will help in nourishing your lips in the following different ways:

  1. An instant increase in the volume of your lips
  2. Your lips will become more luscious and pinkish
  3. The moisture level will also improve and lipstick will set better and longer on them
  4. It will remove the wrinkles from your lips

Skin Microneedling

It doesn’t matter why your skin is getting rough and different aging signs have started appearing your skin. You can try microneedling pen because it will deal with the following skin problems:

  1. It will lighten dark spots
  2. Clear the wrinkles, freckles
  3. Less pigmentation
  4. Better skin texture and brighter as well
  5. Reduces the size of pores
  6. In Minutes

Done In Minutes

If you do love your skin then never try anything which you are not certain about the outcome. You can try microneedling pen from MESOLYFT it will be able to heal your skin problem issues in minutes.

Andy Grey
Andy Grey