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January 15, 2021 2 min read

We are sure that you have heard about the dermarolling lips device, after all, it's trending on the internet but what exactly is it, and how does it work? Stay tuned and we will tell you everything about it.

Dermarolling Lips By Mesolyft Is Getting Viral 

The dermarolling lips by MESOLYFT is a smart device that has the best cosmetic treatment incorporated in it. The treatment we are talking about is needling therapy, you might have heard of it earlier as it is responsible to take care of all skin problems, medical and none medical. The dermarolling lips are based on the same technique, it is a thin small handy device with a rolling head on top, the head has numerous tiny painless needles stuck on it, which we roll on our skin. But how does it work?

 dermarolling lips

When the needles roll on our skin, it’s slightly pricked, thinking that maybe it’s injured or damaged, the skin starts to release good amounts of natural collagen to repair it. Combining that collagen with the magical lip serum in the dermarolling lips device, you get plump and blush lips in the end.

Irritation From The Needles? 

This is something that many beauty gurus would be pondering about, what about the irritation that your lips would go through when needles are being rolled on them? You see, MESOLYFT has arranged for a life-changing lip pump plumper that contains the organic serum.

  • Mango butter dimer. This conditions your skin.
  • Prevents your collagen to turn into elastin.
  • Soybean oil. Makes your lips silky.
  • Aloe vera. Reduces irritation.

All of these natural ingredients are picked very precisely to make sure that your lips are getting just the best care along with the treatment. This serum of the dermarolling lips device goes in your skin when the needles are rolling on it, along with every roll. The microneedling serum lasts up to 6 months and you can always order a refill later.

Best For Your Lips 

The derma rolling lips device is the finest for your lips if you are tired of having discolored and dull lips. This is because no cream will fix that mess and it needs foxing from the inside, not just the outside. The best option here is the dermarolling lips. It penetrates deep down your skin and takes care of everything! Also, not to forget the serum that is probably the finest aftercare that you would find for this treatment.

Our Advice 

Being professionals, there is always a lot of questions for us about where to buy the derma roller from as there are plenty of companies out there selling it. Our only answer is MESOLYFT as the fit cares about its customers as no other company does! So what are you waiting for? Order your dermarolling lips device now before it runs out of stock.

Andy Grey
Andy Grey