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March 17, 2020 3 min read

Some people have the sensitive type of skin and whatever they apply on their skin it reacts badly. Some people face problems like acne, dark spots and higher pigmentation that makes their skin look dull. If you have the same skin type but you can’t apply anything on your skin because it will react then you have to look for a safer beauty treatment. There are beauty products available in the market but not every product has been made according to your skin type so there are chances that they might react badly on your skin. You can cover the imperfections of your skin with makeup as well. But you just can’t wear makeup all the time. You have to let your skin breathe sometimes. So in this crucial how you will deal with your skin? Do you want to give a shot to face needle roller? Well in simple words you can say micro-needling is the best solution for all your skin problems.

What Face needle Roller Is All About For Skin

The face needle roller contains microneedles and when you start using it on your skin the microneedles will start pricking on the outer layer of your skin. They will make tiny holes. While making tiny holes the microneedles will clear the layers underlying that is the actual reason for a dull skin complexion. So those layers will get cleared with the help of this roller. Don’t worry this beauty treatment won’t affect your skin in any bad way. Using a serum with the roller will make the whole treatment more effective and smoother.


The new thing in this treatment is the new serum. This serum is already attached to this face needle roller. The serum is the organic thing of the roller. This serum is attached to the microneedling pen. This pen is clinically proven at the FDA department and this whole new process is developed by the top dermatologists. 

Ingredients Of Face Needle Roller

To make the skin microneedling treatment more affective then you must use this needle face roller with the serum. Here are the ingredients of this face needle treatment: 

  • Kojic acid:this face needle roller will improve the complexion of your skin inhibiting melanin production that is the reason behind your dull skin.
  • Dermawhite:this complex of flowers if going to decrease the synthesis of melanin by 90% and this fact has been proven clinically. It improves your skin complexion vibrantly.
  • Meadowfoam Oil:it will work as a calming soothing moisturizer. It also has rejuvenating characteristics.
  • Jojoba:the moisture level of your skin will get better with the help of this ingredient.
  • Papaya Extract:a soothing exfoliator the promotes vibrantly healthy skin complexion. 

Check And Use

Now you know what face needle rolleris? So would you like to order it if you are facing different skin problems? Well if you are willing to buy this new face needle roller then you can place your order at MESOLYFT right now. This is one of the most economical beauty treatments you can have. You don’t have to spend hours at beauty clinics anymore and you don’t have to go out to face micro-needling anymore. You can have your face needle roller at your home along with a serum. The serum is also beneficial for your health as we already discussed the ingredients and the role they play in skin micro-needling.

Alexandria LaMarsh
Alexandria LaMarsh