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November 16, 2020 3 min read

Your eyes are the most sensitive facial part. And whenever you think of applying something on your eyes like scrubs, chemicals, or any sort of artificial lotions to get rid of dryness. Always keep this fact in mind that you might end up hurting your eyes and the skin of eyelids as well. The skin of your eyelids is the thinnest layer and whenever you apply anything it penetrates your skin and might affect your eyes if it contains hard chemicals. So you have to be very careful while choosing your beauty products for your eyes. To enhance the beauty of your eyes and if you want to get rid of dark circles, crow’s feet around your eyes you must try new eyelid cream. Let us know more about this new sensational eyelid cream.

How Eyelid Creams Works And What Is Inside

It is the most secure way of getting off dead skin, dark spots, aging lines around your eyes. There are many creams available in the market that might help you to get rid of these problems but such beauty products contain chemicals that might not be good for your eyes. But the new version of eyelid cream is a safer way because it includes the microneedles will take care of the fine lines, clear wrinkles, and dark circles. They will only leave micro-holes that will also heal later. The new thing in this roller is the serum that is attached to the unique roller. The anti-aging serum that you can use with this roller for more effective results.

 eyelid cream

All the ingredients this anti-aging eyelid cream is made up of natural ingredients. It doesn’t contain any chemical that will harm your eyelids skin or eyes itself. The needles will clear the dead cells and make a path straight to the epidermis layer. The serum will go straight to the required layers of the skin. This is how you can see the results with the prominent non surgical eye lift technique. So here are the details of eyelid cream and the ingredients.

  • VoluPlus (Macelignan/Macadamia Oil):eyelid cream will improve the smoothness of your skin by plumping underlying dead skin layers
  • Vitamin C (Ascorbyl Palmitate):a very strong antioxidant that prevents damage to your skin from UV light. Plus free radicals will work together with Retinol for improving and maintaining the production of collagen and brighten up your skin.  
  • Retinol (Retinyl Palmitate):this natural ingredient will make your skin more resilient, thicker, and younger by stimulating the production of collagen.
  • Argireline (Acetyl Hexapeptide-3):it is a Botulinum fragment that relaxes crow’s feet around your eyes
  • Ginkgo Biloba Extract:an antioxidant that reduces inflammation, improves moisture levels and blood flow under your skin


Well here are some of the results you will notice even after using a microneedling serum around your eyes once or twice:

  1. Crow’s feet and dark spots will disappear
  2. Improve fine lines
  3. Improved eyelids skin texture so makeup will sit better and for a longer time
  4. Skin moisture will also improve

Not Like Ordinary Roller

Buying an ordinary roller is not going to be ok. As it is an old technique and you have to do it for months on daily basis. This eyelid cream is better than wasting money on a random roller.Micro-needling and the serum are all clear. And this eyelid cream has no side effects but those chemicals can hurt your skin badly. So if you are willing to take care of your eyes now but you don’t want to take any risk then order your eyelid cream from MESOLYFT right away.

Andy Grey
Andy Grey