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November 06, 2019 3 min read

What do you think is a safer way to get some volume in your lips? Botox or micro-needling? Well, yes now you can get some extra volume in your lips through dermarolling lips or you can say micro-needling. If you go for Botox then injection filled with fluid will be injected into your lips. And if the amount of the fluid used in the treatment exceeds the required amount then this beauty treatment will ruin your beauty and it will ruin the shape of your lips. Plus it is quite a painful process because the filler/fluid will be injected through injections. But if you choose micro-needling over Botox injections that it is way safer because there are no side effects and no after-effects of this beauty treatment. Plus you will get your desired results. Moreover, your desired volume and glow in your lips. This process also consists of a serum that is made up of active organic ingredients which will make the whole process convenient.

The All What You Get In This Dermarolling Lips Process

The ingredients of the serum are safe enough for every skin type. The serum is designed in such a way that it is beneficial for every skin type and it will make the microneedling process smooth. This dermarolling lips device is tested on many lip’s skins. The new thing is different and has different treating process but if it is tested then you can apply it without any doubt. This prescribed treatment is tested by experts and professional dermatologists. This professional micro needling machine has no side effects. The size of tiny needles is safe and accurate according to the skin layers. So avoid any chemicals to make your lips glowing and in big size. This new thing is all tested and clinically proven.

 dermarolling lips

The elements of the serum are sheltered and secure. It will make the procedure of lips needling smoother and simpler. Not, in any case, a solitary fixing will hurt your skin. Lip increase items ought to be checked and clinically demonstrated in light of the procedure's affectability. This dermarolling lips machine is tried and checked for commonly. So how about we talk about the fixings a piece and their activity in the micro-needling procedure.

Plumping Treatment

Following are the name of the ingredient and their role in this whole beauty lip pump plumper treatment: 

  • Diisopropyl Dimer Dilinoleate:this ingredient works as a skin-conditioning agent and emollient
  • Mango Butter Dimer Dilinoleyl Esters/Dimer Dilinoleate Copolymer:this ingredient is derived from mango butter and rapeseed oil. It will provide shine and substantive shine to your lips
  • Aloe Vera Leaf Extract:a natural ingredient which moisturized your skin and it will also calm irritation if caused by microneedling
  • Phenyl Trimethicone:it is a type of silicon which makes your lips silky soft
  • Glycine Soja:it is a rich antioxidant that prevents damage to your collagen and elastin. All of these lip augmentation products are mixed in one natural serum.

Don’t Ask For Help

It is quite simple. It won’t take much of your time plus you don’t have to ask for help to do this beauty dermarolling lips roller on your lips. Simply follow the given steps and it’s done. 

  1. Clean the skin around your lips
  2. Cover the whole area around your lips
  3. Move the roller on your lip line
  4. Try to use it at night for more effective results
  5. Do this beauty routine on a daily basis

Go For Right Process

You can go Botox treatment for enhancing your lips volume but there is no surety that you will get your desired results. There are possibilities that this treatment might ruin your actual lip's shape. So it is better to choose a beauty treatment which is safer from every point of view. So the safe and secure treatment is dermarolling lips or simply you can say micro-needling. You can get your Derma Roller Online from MESOLYFT. You will get desired results and there is zero % possibility that this beauty treatment will affect your lips shape in any bad way.

Alexandria LaMarsh
Alexandria LaMarsh