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August 05, 2019 5 min read

We, being human beings are attracted to things that damage us the most, well, we can’t really help it. It is human nature to be pulled towards something that is beautiful and attractive despite the long term damage that it causes to us. The perfect example of this is the increase in botox and plastic treatments, every second woman and man wants plastic surgery whether it’s about a nose job, lip fillers or butt fillers, its everywhere and we can’t hide from the influence of this kind of fashion trends. Now, it’s okay if you are also attracted and involved in wanting something like this. But it’s better if you find safer and productive ways than these surgeries. If you are thinking that there is no place that can give you something better as compared to lip fillers, something much safer and something with great long term effects, then you are wrong because we have an amazing product for you named as ”derma roller”. This new dermarolling lips is the device contains tiny needles with the shot of vitamins. Now we know that there must be a storm of questions circling your mind about what is it and how does it work? Don’t worry because we are going to answer all your questions.

Dermarolling Lips Moves Around And Magic Is On

You May call this device a skin roller or a lips roller too. Yes, people, you read it right, dermarolling lips device is a proper pen-like with a round tip. The round tip has numerous needles embedded in it and they do the real magic. Why devices? Why lip fillers are not better than derma roller? You see, this is a device that allows you to enjoy long term effects without any kind of problem. The data roller moves around your lips and works magic on it! Wanna know how? Let’s dig in.

dermarolling lips

We can assume that you are already aware of the famous therapy of needles that is highly practiced in Europe and in most parts of Asia. Now, what is this needle therapy and why is it so effective? You see, the first thing about needle therapy is that the needle punctures the skin and allows the skin cells to repair it. Now, the skin, when it repairs itself, it actually invites new skin cell to form and hence you get tighter and more rejuvenated skin. This is how exactly the dermarolling lips device works on your skin, the little needles make tiny and invisible from the naked eye kind of holes on your lips, allowing a release of a skin forming protein. The result of this whole procedure is you getting pouty and plump lips immediately with this professional micro needling machine for your lips.

Does The Needles Hurt

If you know about the needle therapy then you probably know about the procedure and how the penetrating needles hurt your body to an extent. So is the derma roller like the needle therapy in the hurting aspect? Will the needle hurt you? Well, the needles that are used in the formation of this device are really tiny and they sure do penetrate our skin. But don’t you worry, they won’t hurt you unless you put some stress. It will probably feel like a little harmless tiny needle touching your skin, not more than that. Don’t get all hyper if you see some reddish part of your skin surface because hello, here we are comparing this device to the actual lip fillers where you have to get big and fierce needles penetrated in your lips and after that, they bleed like an actual wound. But don’t worry dermarolling lips device is not a type of product that will rush you to an emergency situation.

 About The Needles

Can you get infected by them? Will you need bandages? Don’t get too worried or hyper, this lip pump plumper mechanism is completely harmless to your skin and your lips. They are designed to only bring betterment to your lips, they are not made to damage them in any kind of way. These little penetrations will rupture the epidermis of your skin resulting in a rose-red color and the protein release will make your lips shiny instantly, moreover, the rupture will also help your lips to swell in a good aspect, giving them a pouty and fuller look instantly. The needles will cause you no harm beyond these advantages, you won’t be needing any bandages and there is absolutely no way that you will get infected by these needles, they are easy to use as you can use this microneedling machine at home as well.

Tell Us More About The Product In The Device

Now, people who have read uphill now. Are you not thinking about the fact that just plain needles can really damage your skin? They need some kind of lubricant and soothing element to bring any positive change. Without that, your skin will be damaged and that’s obvious. So, are we asking you to go out and buy expensive creams and lip treatments because of using derma roller? No, not at all, dermarolling lips treatment is an all-rounder and it has everything that you need already embedded in it. The needles are followed by a gel substance that fills the pen-like structure up. It provides lubrication and its also a healing feature, so you are getting your treatment plus healing done at the same time because as the needle penetrates your skin the gel along with it does too.  

Gel Inside

Now we know that you people are concerned about the elements that the gel is made up of and why wouldn’t you be concerned? Obviously, this microneedling serum will go inside your lips, you have every right to know about what is this thing composed of. Don’t worry people, we will educate you all about it.

  • Diisopropyl dimer dilinoleate. The pronunciation is hard but this is actually a very effective skin conditioning agent and emollient
  • Phenyl dimethicone. This is a kind of silicone that is used to make your lips shiny and soft
  • Mango butter dimer dilinolyesters/ dimer dilinoleate copolymer. Straight out of nature from mango butter and rapeseed oil, this all-natural ingredient is responsible for that outstanding glittery shine and lip conditioning.
  • Aloe vera extract. This is something perfect for calming irritation and it’s also a natural moisturizer.
  • Glycine soja. This is also a natural ingredient that is responsible to prevent any damage that can be caused to collagen and elastin. Along with the protection, it is also rich in antioxidants.

Crazy ingredients right? Well, they are responsible for providing that surgery like natural finish with this dermaroll lips.

Telling About The Features

We are pretty sure that now you will be wanting to buy the lip augmentation products. But wait, do you know how to use the derma roller? If not, then don’t worry because we will tell you how to use this dermarolling lips treatment.

Dermarolling lips

  1. Clean your lips with water to make sure they are clean from any impurities.
  2. Now move the tip of the device all around your lips and your lip line for some time.
  3. You will instantly feel the pump in your lips and after ¾ weeks of use, you will feel permanent smoothness
  4. You can use it daily.
  5. The serum lasts up to six months so it’s a pretty decent investment
  6. The bottle is recyclable
  7. The product is made in the USA
  8. It’s also cruelty – free.

Forget Chapped Lips

So order this from the best lip filling products to get the right type of lips in less time. Get fresh skin treatment with a reliable and secure platform. MESOLYFT is the stage offering best clinically proved cosmetic products to enhance your beauty. This dermarolling lips is the checked and approved procedure to glow your lips in less time naturally. So choose the better lip treatment and forget all about dull and chapped lips forever.

Andy Grey
Andy Grey