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April 12, 2019 3 min read

The trend of lip lift is taking place. Until today many lip augmentation products have been introduced in the market. Through injecting fluid you can enhance the volume of your lips. But are those injections are safe enough? Do have any idea that if the injecting process goes wrong then what will be the outcome? Well, if anything goes wrong the shape of your lips will be destroyed. Women nowadays are crazy about lip lifts. They spent a lot of money to get the right shape of their lips. So now with the help of the new microneedling technique, you can easily augment the lips size.

New Trends Of Lips Lifts With Lip Augmentation Products

 So, new lip augmentation products which are available in the market which are safe enough are the natural lip lifts rollers. These rollers consist of microneedles. The needles will start pricking into the outer surface of your skin. It will naturally enhance the volume of your lips. The lipstick will set best on them. This roller works with a serum. A serum is made up of different active organic materials. The microneedling serum will make the process smoother and easier. It will make your lips glow like never before.

lip augmentation products

This new technique is totally approved by many dermatologists and clinically proven way to glow your lips. The lip augmentation products are selected especially for your lips. This new way with lips augmentation products to treat your lips is checked according to the lip’s skin layers. The needles are accurately tested and designed according to the skin surface and inner layers. The lip pump plumper is the way you can enhance every corner of your lip’s beauty. The new lip augmentation products are totally demonstrated by the expert’s lab.

Active Ingredients Of The Lip Serum

Following are the organic materials which are a part of the serum to treat your lips organically. The serum attached to this microneedling pen is totally organic and original. The lip augmentation products include the ingredients below.

  • Diisopropyl Dimer Dilinoleate: It a skin conditioning agent plus emollient.
  • Phenyl Trimethicone: This is a silicon ingredient which will make your lips silky.
  • Mango Butter Dimer Dilinoleyl Esters/Dimer Dilinoleate Copolymer: This ingredient is derived mango butter and rapeseed oil. This is a natural ingredient which will provide conditioning to your lips.
  • Aloe Vera Leaf Extract: It will calm down the irritation on your skin plus it will moisturize it as well.
  • Glycine Soja: It is rich in antioxidant and it will prevent damage to collagen and elastin.

How To Use Lip Lift Roller?

Well, using this dermarolling lips is quite easy and simple. You just have to follow the given steps

  1. Roll over the roller over the entire lip and around the lip line
  2. Use it on a daily basis
  3. Use it for at night

After using on a daily basis after a few days you will be able to see visible results. 

Never Use Unknown Stuff

So, we have discussed the use of micro needling for lips is totally effective and easy. How this is useful and what will be the results. It has no side effects and you will see an instant change in the volume of your lips. MESOLYFT is offering this lip lift roller with the serum which we have discussed above. Their lip augmentation products are quite useful. It won’t affect your lips. There will be no long lasting side effects. Maybe just after using this roller may cause little bit redness or swelling. It will heal down within a few hours. Never try to experiment any new stuff on your skin which has no guaranteed result. This is the reason you must choose a natural and organic way of making yourself younger. Plump your lips with this professional derma roller at low rates.

Andy Grey
Andy Grey